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Valvent Yacht Agents is a local agency that offers a full range of yacht services.

Created to support captains, managers and crew, make life easier for them, and help them manage their boats during their stay in Valencian waters.

our history

After some years working in the industry, and seeing the need for a trustworthy agency in our area, the idea of creating Valvent Yacht Agents was born to provide professional service to all kind of boats that are in the waters of the Valencian Mediterranean.

We always attempt to provide a friendly and professional service to build relationships of trust with our clients and we strive to offer transparent, intelligent and reliable solutions to each vessel. For this purpose, we work backed by our unique local knowledge and our experience in the sector on the high standards that it demands, so we always seek the maximum perfection and speed in each service.

Where to find us

Valencia has a privileged location that makes it an ideal destination both for winterize and refits, as well as for the summer season on the beautiful coasts of Alicante.

The Valencian marinas and dry docks are connected to international airports such as Valencia-Manises and Alicante-Elche just 20 minutes away. Likewise, they are easily connected by land with the main Spanish cities such as Madrid and Barcelona at about 3.30h.

In addition, the city of Valencia is a tourist reference throughout the world and has become a metropolis famous for climate, gastronomy, beaches, lifestyle, festivals and traditions, green spaces such as the old bed of the river Turia or the Albufera park and all the weight of  history. This combination makes the city of Valencia one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the entire Mediterranean.



You are no just our customer, you are our captain on board. Fluid communication is essential in our service and gives you security and trust


Due to our experience in the yacht industry as crew members, we know the high demand that each job on board requires, we always demand maximum effectiveness and efficiency in each service.


Our commitment to the boat is unwavering. If you count on us we will not fail you. One of our pillars is to create a bond of trust with the client.


We work with the best local professionals so that you are always satisfied with the results.


To create a trustworthy deal, our # 1 premise is clarity and transparency. As soon as you meet us you will realize.

Swift service

We provide a fast service adapted to the needs of the nautical market.

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